The 7 Sins of my Sinatra Project

I am finally done with my second project for the course. I made a website that allows a user to signup and add workouts with movements, including reps, weights, rounds, and time. I’ve started working out again regularly and figured this would be an interesting project topic for me since I like to keep track of my workouts.

Man, did I think this project was gonna be a breeze! *There aren’t many moving parts, I’ll need 3-4 days tops!* It’s been almost 3 weeks so clearly my timing estimate was a little off. I guess this means I am most definitely still in learning mode. I know this will never end, but my delays on this project were quite disappointing as it was happening. Part of the delay also had to do with work and family time getting in the way so I shouldn’t feel too guilty.

Looking back, here are seven things I could have done better and hope to implement for my upcoming projects to save time and frustration:

1. I thought I had properly planned.

– Apparently I didn’t. I can’t wait to get started on something like this and think I’m ready, but I should have taken it a little slower and made sure I had all by bases covered. I had to keep going and back and forth between the code for my database and the controllers and it just got ridic. CHECK it before you WRECK it!

2. I didn’t join a project prep study group or watch a quick video lecture before diving in.

– I’m sure this would have made me much more aware of some small things I overlooked as I was going through my own project. Why not watch other people make/point out mistakes instead of making them yourself? Isn’t that how Bill Gates basically started Microsoft?

3. FINISH FIRST, then worry about pretty.

– I get so excited about the pretty part. Now that I’m finally there I am really just going to keep it simple for now and might come back to it later. I believe it had become a bit of a distraction at times when I should have been making sure my program was properly running. REMEMBER: THE CODE MUST WORK BEFORE IT LOOKS PRETTY.

4. User authentication is important.

– I almost turned in a project that allowed other people to potentially edit your workouts. Come on now.

5. But I’m scared of commitment.

– You sure do learn to add, commit and push. I’m sure I could have done it even more regularly and concisely. It was good practice, especially making sure that the commit messages are accurate. Now that I’ve moved on to using the terminal I’m really seeing it come in handy.

6. Focus on one thing!

– It’s not so easy writing commit messages if I’m jumping around and have I’ve worked on 5 different things. On the plus side, this shows me I can get sucked into a project like this and generally really enjoyed working on it. Could be a sign I didn’t make a terrible choice signing up for this course.

7. Don’t get bored.

– Because of the delay and a specific coding issue I was having, by the end I bored and wanted it to be over. New motto: just do the darn thing, meet the requirements, and move on. Easier said than done because of my perfectionist nature, but I shall try.

Here’s my project if you want to check it out:


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